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how electronics are programing our children's brains

Some say that 2017 is the greatest time to 
be a child, while others claim electronics are 
creating the dumbest generation yet.


To say our children are immersed in technology would be an understatement. Smart phones, tablets, and Television have kids spending more time in front of the screen than ever before. These fancy toys are lauded as educational, brain-boosting, creativity-generating, and by far the best babysitter ever invented.


In this mass of conflicting opinions and supposed evidence,
what does the research really show?

Using the latest in brain science, and the most up-to-date studies available, this series effectively presents the real story. You will understand as never before the effects of media and electronics on children  today. You will understand the practical application of the research, and will be able to make an informed decision regarding your child’s electronic use.

Author, speaker, and child development researcher, Joshua White is the director of A Thinking Generation Ministries. Through his extensive research in early child development and education, Joshua has discovered that the education of our young people for God’s Kingdom, and the raising up of a generation to nish the work, must begin in the child’s earliest years. In his seminars, Joshua uses the latest brain science and education research to pull back the veil on Satan’s attacks on our children, and to clearly reveal God’s methods of training and educating children. 

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