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The Eastward Missions Vision

Eastward is extremely excited with what is happening in Victoria right now. If you can spare a minute, we'd love to fill you in on everything.

From the founding of Eastward Missions, the team wanted to see young people find their passion in God's work. A vision was formed; one of a training school set up according to the principles of true education, where the Bible was the main text book and nature was a close second.

From that time when Eastward was first formed, to this day, our team was working hard to see this vision realised. Now it seems to be much closer to a reality then we ever could have dreamed!

Why Madison Missions?

In late 2019 we had the opportunity to take over running the health retreat and college facility in Narbethong, Victoria (Abide Wellness Retreat / Acacia Academy, previously Highwood Health Retreat and Highwood College).

Eastward is getting a change in structure, which has included setting up Madison Missions, a new charity organisation to head this project. We also welcome five new team members, young people who’ve each spent multiple years in full-time and part-time missionary work.

Where Does the Name Come From?

The Madison Missions name was inspired by the school that was formed in America under the vision of Ellen White, a school completely based around the principles of true education.

A property that seemed impossible to work with was chosen for the campus, the price was too much, and from all worldly standpoints, it seemed like an impossible mission. Of course, our God is bigger than any mountain in the way, and Madison became known across the country as a school dedicated to helping young people work for their education, and become missionaries around the world. It was also the first and last school that had Ellen White willingly sit as a board member. The story behind Madison is inspiring, one of faith, perseverence, and the faithfulness of God.  

This is what we're seeing happen right now in Victoria. We have a property, a team, a blueprint, and God on our side. 

What better name is there for our young team?!

If there was ever a time to support Eastward/Madison Missions. It's now!

Catch the Vision!


The Maker Heals

A Radical Departure from Traditional Health Retreat Models.

What are The Maker Heals Programs?

The Maker Heals may be seen as a radical departure from Health Retreat Models typically seen in Australia.

Christ the Creator, and harmony with Him is upheld as the first and most important aspect of healing. We seek not only to educate in God's health laws, but to acknowledge and direct individuals to the Creator as the One who heals.

"The Maker Heals" seminar is an experiential, practical, spiritually-focused natural healing seminar conducted by the Madison Missions Australia Ltd. team. It is for anyone who wishes to learn about God's way of healing for lifestyle diseases such as cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, skin diseases, high cholesterol, liver diseases, etc. This seminar is also for medical missionaries, pastors, evangelists, and lay people who desire to learn, practice, and share the health message together with the three angels' messages. 

Why The Maker Heals?

Abide Wellness Retreat, and previously Highwood Health Retreat, burned through $2.5 million of donors' funds in 8 years. It is time for a change. We have a completely different approach, using new industries as income streams. This enables new possibilities for health ministry.

This model seeks to bring each inividual to God, educate in God's health laws and lead to life revival and reformation. Using God's ways, which are simple. Usually the simplest way is the correct way.

This model has shown high success in other countries, especially of the spiritual kind, with many more baptisms of non-SDA's than other health retreat models.

There have been many incredible life-changing testimonies from those who have experience this program in other countries, including full recovery from very serious, life-threatening diseases. Stories, the likes of which we rarely hear about in retreats here in Australia.

We believe that God has opened the way for us to be able to open a benevolent and Christ focused program where we believe we'll see incredible life-changing results, not only of the physical kind, but the spiritual as well.

Learn more from our Maker Heals website!

The Maker Heals


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Rollands Plains, NSW 2441



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